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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
Welcome You all!

It is our great privilege to launch our new online Journal “The Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Research” which is involved in a vast area of publication around the World to identify the current on going research and their collaborations which is worthy of preservation. Because all other journals have their own specific area of interest which is rapidly becoming too volatile, hence efforts should be made to identify the cumulative research works of practical importance.
We have been working with this new online Journal Committee which supplied the names of individuals they felt would have the necessary background and experience to provide us with evaluations. You have been recommended as a person with extensive knowledge and teaching experience and with a broad overview of important research areas. We hope you can evalutate the manuscripts on the enclosed list in terms on the importance of preserving them for historical research.
However, the new series of the Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Research is designed to provide an enlightened appraisal of versatile field of researches in which experts review require for a given topic. Reviewers have editorial freedom to express their views on the strategic directions of the field of research. The Perspective series provides a forum with high visibility within the pharmaceutical industry and academia. We would like the journal to be useful to a broad range of scientists interested in the design, discovery, and developments of novel medicines. We invite you to share an idea for a Perspective, along with a brief outcome. We also welcome your input regarding commence on potential topics for perspective manuscripts. Without your help this may not be possible, and some decisions must be made. An evaluation is necessary; however, to assure that we get the most constructive out comes from genuine research works.
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