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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
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  Safety Evaluation of an Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Spathodea Campanulata

Spathodea campanulata (Bignoniaceae), a widely used traditional African medicinal plant for skin diseases and stomach aches was assessed for safety in rodents. The extract (1250, 2500, 5000 mg/kg, p.o) administered to rats and mice over a 24-hour period did not produce any signs of toxicity or mortality, suggesting that the LD50 of the aqueous extract was above 5000 mg/kg. Daily administration (1250, 2500, 5000 mg/kg; p.o) for 14 days did not cause any changes in behaviour or alterations in haematological parameters of the animals. Serum biochemical analysis showed a rise in alkaline phosphatase (339.5090.50 in the control to 582.528.50 U/L at a dose of 5000 mg/kg) and a decrease in Na+ concentration (147.31.856 mmol/L in the control to 135.01.00 in the 5000 mg/kg dose) in rats with no alterations in other parameters. The observed increase in ALP and decrease in Na+ however did not reflect in the histopathology of the liver and kidneys of treated animals. SCE (100, 625, 1250 and 2500 mg/kg; p.o) and furosemide (15 mg/kg; p.o) administered to water-deprived rats for a period of 18 hours caused significant increase in urine output at the highest dose of SCE similar to furosemide. Though the increased urine output was observed only at the highest dose of SCE (2500 mg/kg; p.o) tested, a dose dependent increase in urine Na+ and K+ levels (p<0.05; p<0.01) compared to the control was observed at all dose levels. Collectively, the results indicate that the aqueous extract of Spathodea campanulata is fairly non-toxic but evokes diuresis in rats.

Date: 11, Dec 2012 Posted By: admin
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