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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
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  Synthesis and Neuroprotective activity of Curcumin Derivatives

The effect of neurotoxicity on brain functioning is very disastrous as neurons have limited ability to regenerate or being replenished after damage. Existing drugs have effects but with severe consequences which drives the need for natural neuroprotective agents/drugs. Some semisynthetic analogues of curcumin with Phenyl Pyrazole ring system have been synthesized using microwave by altering β-diketone system with olifinic bond (4-12) and evaluated their neuroprotective activity. Curcumin (A), demethoxycurcumin (B), bisdemthoxycurcumin (C), and semisynthetic derivatives of curcumin have been screened first time for their neuroprotective effects against Tat mediated neurotoxicity. Compound 7 showed a significant concentration dependent increase in cell viability and neuroprotective effects against Tat protein (p<0.05, n=3). Further studies on curcumin derivatives to explore it fully for this deadly disorder will be useful for discovering novel compounds of clinical importance.

Date: 13, Dec 2012 Posted By: admin
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