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  Stress-Induced (Neuro) Inflammation, Oxidatation and Apoptosis and their Association with Scads Neur

Stress has been known as major complicating factor in several neurological disorders. The relation between stress and disease onset/progression is still poorly understood and answerable in many instances. The current review aims to summarize existing knowledge about the possible mechanisms of stress. Over the years, the mechanisms of stress have been investigated in different rodents and non-rodents. The present review summarizes the systematic findings that have emerged from rodents and non-rodents stress and stress related disorders. The stress response is mediated by the basic activity of the hypothalamo–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) system. The stress responses are intricately linked to the inflammatory responses. Stress increases in inflammatory mediators and cytokine. Enhanced apoptosis was detected in stress therefore apoptosis proposed to be a mechanism in stress pathogenesis and related disorders. Now attention needs towards investigating potential of individual mediator or their combined relationship which mediating mechanisms, as well as the demonstration the link to stress and stress related disorder.

Date: 13, Dec 2012 Posted By: admin
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