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  Standardization and Pharmacological Evaluation of Murraya Koenigii Leaves for its Anti-Diabetic Prop

The Present pharmacognostical investigation was carried out on the Fresh, dried and on the extractable mass of the leaves of Murraya koiengii as per the guidelines granted by the World health organization. The leaves were subjected to macroscopic, microscopic, Loss on drying, extractive profile, ash value, swelling property, foaming index, volatile oil content, limit test examinations and the extractable matter obtained was further assayed for its anti-diabetic evaluation by inducing Alloxan monohydrate (5% w/v) and later the extract were screened for its Phytochemical constituents. Pharmacognostic evaluation confirmed the authenticity of the leaves, while phytochemical studies revealed the presences of alkaloids, carbohydrates, glycosides, triterpenoids, saponin, tannins and some amount of tannins in the extract .Ash value was found to be in acceptable range (0.07gm for total ash content), Acid insoluble Ash (0.05 gm), the volatile yield was about 1ml from 250 gm of leaves, loss on drying content was only 57%, Extractive value from Cold percolation gained was 5.8% (5 gm sample) and hot percolation was 8%( 5 gm of sample),swelling index was 1.2 ml,and the extract also passed the limit test for lead. The aqueous extracts of Murraya koiengii leaves exhibited progressive, significant hypoglycemic effect from the first week in diabetic T1 and diabetic T2 groups respectively. The decrease was significant (P<0.05) and continuous up to the end of 8 weeks.

Date: 13, Dec 2012 Posted By: admin
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