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  Chandipura Virus: An Account

Chandipura virus belongs to family Rhabdovoridae, an important encephalitis causing pathogen with high mortality (55-75%) among paediatric population (aged between 2 months to 15 years) from three Indian states (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat) and has been associated with a number of otherwise unexplained outbreaks of encephalitic illness in central India. The significance of Chandipura virus as a human pathogen is unresolved due to doubts over its role in the 2003 and 2004 outbreaks. There is no proper vaccine available and the treatment is only symptomatic. So far, the disease is prevalent in restricted areas of the country and vaccination of children may prove beneficial in the control/elimination of this life-threatening and rapidly progressing disease killing large proportion of encephalitis cases. Current article helps in study of Chandipura virus with regards to identification, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment etc.

Date: 07, Apr 2013 Posted By: admin
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