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  Home::Enhancement of Intestinal Absorption of Poorly Absorbed Drugs by using various Permeation Enhancers:
  Enhancement of Intestinal Absorption of Poorly Absorbed Drugs by using various Permeation Enhancers:

In the development of new drugs, compounds that have poor permeability properties are generally dropped in favour of compounds with adequate permeability properties. In order to deliver these drugs via the oral route, the epithelial barrier of the intestine has to be perturbed in a safe, reversible and reproducible manner. The new attention directed to this area in recent years is due to and a better understanding of the dynamic regulation of tight junction permeability. Amongst the various routes of drug delivery, oral route is perhaps the most preferred to the patient. For the BCS class III drug permeability is the rate-limiting step for drug absorption, but the drug is solvated very quickly. These drugs exhibit a high variation in the rate and extent of drug absorption. Since the dissolution is rapid, the variation is attributable to alteration of physiology and membrane permeability rather than the dosage form factors. The major challenge in the oral drug delivery is the development of novel dosage forms to endorse absorption of poorly permeable drugs across the intestinal epithelium. This review sets out to discuss about anatomy and physiology of the intestinal barrier, drug absorption from intestinal tract, classification of various permeation enhancers, mechanism of action of permeation enhancers, in vitro methods for studying drug permeability.

Date: 08, Apr 2013 Posted By: admin
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