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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
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  Effect of crosslinking time on Chitosan Microspheres

Present investigation is conducted to confirm the effect of crosslinking time of Tramadol loaded chitosan microspheres. Microspheres prepared by ionotropic gelation method with biodegradable polymer as chitosan. Chitosan was carrier by using physical crosslinking with Sodium Tripolyphosphate (Na-TPP) to avoid toxicity of chemical cross–linking agent (glutaraldehyde) and other undesirable effects. Prepared microspheres were subjected to various physico-chemical studies, such as drug-polymer compatibility by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Differential scanning colorimetry (DSC), surface morphology by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), frequency distribution, encapsulation efficiency, in-vitro drug release characteristics and release kinetics. FTIR studies reveled that there is no drug-polymer incompatibility. Surface smoothness of microspheres was increased by increasing the polymer concentration, which was confirmed by SEM. As the drug to polymer ratio was increased, the mean particle size (MPS) of TM microspheres was also increased. A maximum of87% of drug entrapment efficiency was obtained by the method employed. All the microspheres showed initial burst release followed by a Fickian diffusion mechanism. It is possible to design a controlled drug delivery system for the prolongedrelease of TM, improving therapy by possible reduction of time intervals between administrations. The optimized formula was taken to confirm the effect of crosslinking time. From this study it revealed that as crosslinking time increased the in vitro release of TM decreased.

Date: 08, Apr 2013 Posted By: admin
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