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  Pharmacovigilance: The Emerging Trend and its Future Prospects

Adverse drug reaction means a response to a medicine in the humans or animals, which is noxious and unintended, including lack of efficacy, and which occurs at any dosage and can also result from an overdose, misuse or abuse of a medicine .The concern for ADRs in highly vulnerable populations is of even greater concern. Pharmacovigilance is especially important since most of the adverse effects are reversible by modifying the dosage or omitting the offending medicine it is now accepted to be a continuous process of evaluation accompanied by steps to improve safe use of medicines which involves pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, health professionals and patients. The methodologies have broadened to encompass many different types of study, with spontaneous reporting remaining the cornerstone.. All medicines (pharmaceuticals and vaccines) have side effects. In a vast country like India with a population of over 1.2 Billion with vast ethnic variability, different disease prevalence patterns, practice of different systems of medicines, different socioeconomic status, it is important to have a standardized and robust pharmacovigilance and drug safety monitoring programme for the nation. Collecting this information in a systematic manner and analyzing the data to reach a meaningful conclusion on the continued use of these medicines is the rationale to institute this program for India. In this review article various hospitals survey are done and the survey questionnaire was analyzed question wise and their percentage value was calculated. Only such approach can greatly influence in bringing reporting culture among healthcare professionals and may improve the reporting rates of ADR in our country. Pharmacists, as doctors opined that their involvement may increase the reporting rate, have a greater role to play in the area of pharmacovigilance. Our study strongly suggests that there is greater need to create awareness and to promote the reporting of ADR among healthcare professionals of the country.

Date: 08, Apr 2013 Posted By: admin
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