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  Home::Review of Cissampelos pareira & Cyclea peltata (Patha Dwaya) – Ethnomedicinal Perspectives
  Review of Cissampelos pareira & Cyclea peltata (Patha Dwaya) – Ethnomedicinal Perspectives

Patha is an important medicinal herb that is widely in use since ancient times. Acharya Charak had used the word Patha dwaya and nighantus have classified Patha into two varieties i.e., Rajpatha and Laghupatha. Cissampelos pareira is being considered as source of Patha (Laghupatha), where as Cyclea peltata is used as source of Patha in southern part of India, and is known by name Rajapatha. The present study on Pathadwaya is an attempt to review ethno-medicinal claim’s. The various indications of patha like kustha, kandu, chhardi, hrudroga, jwara, atisara, shula, visha, shvasa, daha, gulma, Vrana, Krimi etc. are in Ayurvedic texts. Only a few of its traditional claims have been investigated scientifically and reported, which may give new leads through research for wider application of these two plants.

Date: 08, Apr 2013 Posted By: admin
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