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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
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  A Review on drugs of Prajasthapana mahakashaya and their role in the management of infertility

Infertility affects approximately 5-15% of reproductive-aged couples in any community. Overall prevalence of infertility has been stable during the past 50 years; however, a shift in etiology and patient age has occurred. As woman’s age increases, the incidence of infertility also increases. In ‘Ayurveda’, this condition is termed as “Vandhyatva”. Seers of Ayurveda have considered ‘Vata’ as predominant Dosha involved in its pathology. Among different treatment modalities mentioned, drugs of Prajasthapana Mahakashaya can be used in effective management of female infertility. Present study is an attempt to critically analyze the drugs enlisted under Prajasthapana Mahakashya of Charakasamhita to explore their role in management of Vandhyatva (female infertility). Botanical identity, controversial aspects, pharmacological properties and various reported research activities of drugs included under Prajasthapana Mahakashya are compiled and presented in a scientific manner. Analysis of compiled data shows that, majority of these drugs possess Tikta-Kashaya Rasa, Shitavirya, Laghuguna, Tridoshashamaka, Deepana, Rasayana and Medhya properties. Most of these drugs are well proven for their anti-oxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and antihyperlipidaemic activities on different animal experimental models. These herbs can be used individually or in group in the management of infertility, depending on the patient's conditions and nature of vitiated Dosha. The observed result may be helpful in planning further scientific studies about the efficacy of these plants on prevention as well as management of infertility.

Date: 03, Jan 2018 Posted By: admin
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