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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
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  Pharmaceutical Properties of Hippophae rhamnoids L.- A Review

Sea buckthorn (Hyppophae rhamnoides L.) is a hardy shrub belonging to the family Elaeagnaceae. It bears yellow to orange berries, which have been used for centuries in Europe and Asia for beneficial purposes. It has attracted considerable attraction in the world mainly for its nutritional and medicinal value. Currently it has been cultivated in the various parts of the world, the naturally growing Sea buckthorn is of diverse genetic makeup with diverse biochemical and nutritional aspects. Most researchers focused on the health benefits relating to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, anti-stress, anti-atherogenic, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive property of sea buckthorn makes it a potent bio-defensive agent against arthritis, immune system, liver cirrhosis, gastric ulcer, importantly antioxidant and many benefits for the skin. This review will help in focusing on both its environmental and health application for the new academic and research and development activities in food, cosmaceuticals and medicinal industries.

Date: 15, Sep 2012 Posted By: admin
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