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Wednesday, September 22, 11:45:00 AM
  Home::A Biochemical Determination of High Fluoride Concentration in Potable Water of Alwar District (Raj.)
  A Biochemical Determination of High Fluoride Concentration in Potable Water of Alwar District (Raj.)

Water is a precious commodity and very essential part of human life. The Bio-chemical analysis and quality evaluation of drinking water sources are the strategic topic for research and development activities as well as natural resources management. This study is performed to bring out a drinking water quality status in rural and urban area of Alwar district (Raj.). Alwar district lies in the eastern plains of Rajasthan State, covers an area 8,380 km2 and lies between 27-57' N latitude and 76-6'E longitude. Different sampling stations were selected for the study purpose in the alwar district. The prevalence of renal fluorosis was determined among the selected sites of alwar district, whereas the fluoride concentration in drinking water ranges were analyzed from 2.22 to 7.62 ppm by SPADNS method. Determined data of samples showed the fluoride content in abnormal range both in urine and serum of Different sampling stations. Due to these abnormal fluoride content in urine and serum, caused a drastic increase in the serum creatinine value and the loss of renal function. There is an immediate need of some innovative investigations to develop suitable low cost economic remedial measures to overcome the fluoride content in drinking water so that affected areas can be provided with safe and wholesome drinking water at reasonable / affordable cost.

Date: 15, Sep 2012 Posted By: admin
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